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Solving asp.net mvc underposting problem and enforcing RequiredAttribute to really be required

clock March 12, 2011 15:43 by author Goran Gagic
When posting a form the normal ModelBinder in ASP.Net MVC enforces required fields with the RequiredAttribute from the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Namespace. But when you forget or a hacker deliberalty removes a required field from the form and submits the form, the Required Field is not ... [More]

WordPress eXtended RSS to BlogMl converter WXR 2 BlogML

clock October 27, 2009 14:39 by author Goran Gagic
This short blog was born out of frustration, I wanted to move my wordpress.com blog to a self hosted .net based blog blogengine.net Wordpress.com does not give you the option to move your blog in a SEO friendly way (no 301 redirect) only paid 302 redirects which you would have to pay for indefinite... [More]

Strong typed ASP.NET MVC Action Links. My ingenious secrets Part 1

clock September 26, 2009 13:43 by author Goran Gagic
This is the first blog in a series of blogs I am doing on stuff I learned from my current and first asp.net mvc project. I have worked on this from the first preview releases and have gone live during beta (yeah I know dangerous). This blog is about creating a strongly typed Action Link so instead ... [More]

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